JOSEF KIASCHEK, master Goldsmith, created the first ever Powder Compact in his workshops in Budapest, Hungary. His son, GUSTAV subsequently founded KI-GU in Budapest and was the creator of fine hand-made compacts. An original and unique collection exists to this day and may be found illustrated elsewhere on these pages.

Gustav raised three sons, Charles, Paul and George. Charles settled in New York to persue his career as a Goldsmith. George moved to London where he founded KIGU of LONDON and was later joined by his brother Paul in post-war years.

Kigu's reputation for quality of design, innovation and quality remained unsurpassed during the boom years for Powder Compacts. Exports were made to most countries throughout the world where the KIGU brand became a household name.

Upon George's death in 1977, his son David joined the Company having just completed studies at University and took the brand through until the early 1980's at whichtime the famous KIGU brand was acquired by A.S. Brown Mfg. who themselves had their own range of MASCOT compacts. Subsequently, Laughton & Sons. acquired both the KIGU and MASCOT brands to add to their own STRATTON compact brand.